Windows 8.1 Pro Download ISO

Windows 8.1 Pro download iso file from here, boot-up in USB or mount it in a virtual drive and install to have fun.

Windows 8.1 iso free download

Windows 8.1 Overview:

Windows 8.1 pro is a clever backup by Microsoft after criticism on Windows 8. As Windows 8 is considered to be more easy, understandable and powerful than Windows 7 but in spite of that, it was just a bunch of apps with totally different start  Menu which people at least didn’t expect at that time from Microsoft. Anyway, Windows designers think it may surprise people in a pleasant manner but with all due respect, it disappointed people not due to its design but due to security and performance. Some geeks even comment that MS was so busy in developing the design that they ignore these options that are more important to people than their ugly difficult start menu. Windows 8.1 Upgrade was available for all kind of Windows 7 users especially that have Windows Update feature turned on.

Windows 8.1 properties

Windows 8.1 makes its users feel much better than that of Windows 8 and aged Windows XP. After the release of Windows 8.1 people really tend to believe that Microsoft could come back after so-called collapse of Windows 8. Due to this aged Windows XP users started thinking about an upgrade. It is also said to be blessing for those people who believe Windows 8 security, features and performance is changed just like it’s design but it disappointed them in all means. One great improvement after Windows 8 is consideration of people who want “Start-up” button back. Classic ‘Start-up’ button is added in Windows 8.1 that continued to Windows 10. As common saying Windows 8.1 is upgraded version of Windows 8 so some other differences are made that includes extra packed apps, extra snap views and geeks favorite Microsoft Onedrive integration. Internet Explorer 11 is also introduced with MS beautiful wallpapers backed Search Engine Bing.Default Media Player is similar to that of Windows 7 and still people need to use VLC Media Player of Video Lan as no codecs are added with Windows Media Player 12. Explorer is similar to that  of Windows 8 & Right hand sided Notification area. While action center flag is available too just like Windows 7 to show you warnings and issues with your system.

Windows 8.1 Summary:

  1. Microsoft added start screen feature, MS OneDrive integration, extra packed apps, Bing Search Engine of Microsoft, again the addition of StartButton on the taskbar, Windows ability to restore previous behavior of opening desktop on login instead of Start Screen.
  2. Microsoft OneDrive is now more compact in Win 8.1 than that of Windows 8 as Windows 8 OneDrive’s flexibility result in many security and performance issues.
  3. Microsoft made Windows 8.1 Start Screen more customizable than Windows 8 and offer user more variations than previous.
  4. No considerable updates are included in Windows 8.1 systems applications except few. Windows Media Player is one example among others.
  5. One Credit Windows 8.1 holds that it tend more Windows XP users to upgrade while brought back rebels of Windows 8 who downgraded to Windows 7 again.
  6. Classic looking Start-up button brought back on the democratic basis of users demand while the revival of this feature considered major user suggestion role in Microsft Windows development.

Windows 8.1 System Requirements:

Operating System(Previous): Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1(Previously installed Windows may or may not be deleted)

Memory(RAM): 512MB(minimum) 1GB recommended for 32 while 2 GB for 64 bit.

Hard Disk Space: 20 GB minimum for Update haters while Update lovers should have 40 GB while recommended for Update haters is 40 GB while Update Lovers must have up to 80 GB of Hard disk space in respected drive where Windows will be installed

Processor: Pentium 4 or similar power is the minimum required while Core Duo or Core i3 is recommended.

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