Visual Studio 2015 Download ISO Full Version Free

Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Download ISO Full Version free.Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise, Professional, Community Free Download ISO Offline Installer.


Visual Studio 2015 Introduction:

Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 is one of the latest visual studio versions. As the name, “Visual Studio” commonly suggests it is used to develop the vast variety of applications for Windows platform mostly Desktop and Web apps. Easy to develop Windows Desktop dotNet apps, and web design and development in So it makes the work easier when developing applications of a standard technology on its official development platform. MS Visual Studio is originally developed by Microsoft for the windows operating system. Different working versions of Microsoft (ms) Visual Studio is working perfectly on Windows XP , Windows 7 and Windows 8 and 10 which are mostly entire usage of Windows OS around the globe. In Visual Studio you can code different programming languages and moreover its code editor and debugger support almost all programming languages. Anyway going to built-in or specific support than it has built-in support for C, C++, VB.Net, C# and F#.

Visual Studio 2015 whose Codename was “Dev14” as after Visual studio, Microsoft started using “Dev” Codename for Visual Studio while its version number is 14.0 latest Visual Studio 15’s version is 15.0 and hopefully it will be continued with increasing number. While another importance is compatibility of .Net Framework which is supported from 2.0 to latest 4.6 and must require like JDK and JRE for java software development. In June 2015 Microsoft released MS Visual Studio 2015 first preview as in initial release days of Windows 10 it released its previews first for testing purpose. Microsoft’s this approach is successful to bound its customers to Windows OS only and also that’s helping them a lot to understand customer needs. Previews are kind of sample releases for testing to get their requirements about the right product on right time. As product final version is near to release its good to launch previews to imagine how your product will be welcomed in the market upon its release. Microsoft may continue this approach as it has bitter experience of Windows 8 release, so MS may not take any risk of that kind in near future.


In Visual Studio 2015 it’s up to you whether you want to install it with custom installation settings or regular settings option of “C#/VB, Web and Desktop features”. Now another new functionality two tech giants Google and Microsoft introduced to kick-out third rival Yahoo and they succeed in it. Now they got another all in one similar trick for customers to create one account for all their products like for Google Drive, Blogger, Webmaster tools, Google Analytics, you only have a Google account formerly officially and also still known as Gmail account. Here one thing unique is that you can use multiple accounts for your one Visual Studio 2015 but for all for its and also Blend’s instances. It’s up to you whether to install all platforms or be specific to one of your own. Did you hear one specific platform development IDE could be used to develop other applications simply means cross-platform development? But License sensitive Microsoft have done it previously too until MS Visual Studio 2005 where it supported Java Platform development when Java was under Sun Micro-Systems. Now MS support cross-platform mobile app development in Visual Studio 2015. Just like C# lover you love to code in .Net development environment, you can now do it with Visual Studio 2015. Whether its Cross-platform  app development with HTML/JavaScript in Apache Cordova or Cross Platform mobile games development with Unity, its now not impossible for you as MS is always blamed like Apple to stick to its environment only. You can check out the details of the visual studio 2015 wiki on Wikipedia.


Visual Studio 2015 also came with many other stunning features like Cross-platform apps and libraries for native C++ as C++ is also supported in Android app development as NDK development toolkit in many other IDEs. One Windows Platform for all its devices like Universal Windows app for any Windows 10 device is now also similar in development as VS 2015 also universal in development for Windows 10 devices. In Android, you specifically have to target only one device at a time. In Web Visual Studio 2015 is closely unified with famous web development tools like Bower and Grunt. Cloud services of all creative and development environments are evolved fully now and MS have done this long time ago and still its top developer, so in VS 2015 Azure Mobile Services, Azure Storage, Office 365 Online(mail, calendar, Contacts, Files, users & groups), Salesforce support is provided out of the box. JavaScript/Cordova, C#/Xamarin, and C++/Android cross-platform debugging support is also available. Many other features like Custom Layouts, Title Case Menus, High-Resolution Images and Touch Support and Synchronized settings are part of additional improvements.

Visual Studio 2015 features:

Below is the list Visual studio 2015 new features. You can check them one by one.

  1. Visual Studio 2015 is one of the latest version of Visual Studio IDE(now released with stable update 3) that has both regular and custom installation settings. In the custom installation, you can install specific development tools.
  2. Many third party tools installation is also available in Visual Studio 2015 including their SDKs(Software Development Kits).
  3. Componentized approach made installation faster than ever while the addition of further SDKs and features are also possible even after installation as additional comments.
  4. Visual Studio 2015 also made a boost in its flexibility by the support of Cross Platform Mobile app development like Android Development using C# code.
  5. While Cross Platform debugging support is also another flexible step by strict Microsoft like Visual Studio counterpart Xamarin debugging support.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Technical detail:

  1. Software Full Name: vs2015.3.ent_enu,vs2015.3.pro_enu,vs2015.3.vsu,vs2015.3.com_enu
  2. Setup File Name: vs2015.3.ent_enu.iso,vs2015.3.pro_enu.iso,vs2015.3.vsu.iso,vs2015.3.com_enu.iso
  3. Full Setup Size: 5.9 GB – 7 GB
  4. Setup Type: Offline Installer file
  5. Architecture: 32 Bit (x86) / 64 Bit (x64)
  6. visual studio 2015 release date: 17 sep, 2007
  7. visual studio 2015 price:  Free Trial
  8. Developers: visual studio 2015 Homepage

Visual Studio 2015 System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 1GB
  • Hard Disk Space: 4 GB
  • Processor: 1.6 or faster

Visual Studio 2015 Download ISO Full Version Free:

You can Get the visual studio 2015 download free,community,professional,express and enterprise editions offline installers.

Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise Download ISO Full Version

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Visual Studio 2015 Professional Download ISO

Download (7.19 GB)

Visual Studio 2015 Community Download ISO

Download (7.09 GB)

Visual Studio 2015 Download Free Full Version

Download (5.94 GB)

Android Studio 2.2 Free Download offline installer

Android Studio 2.2 Free Download for windows XP, Windows 7, windows 8. It is an offline installer setup of Android Studio 2.2 free download for windows 8, mac and Linux .



Android Studio 2.2 Introduction:

Android Studio is official IDE(Integrated Development Environment) is official IDE for Android App Development. Android Studio 2.2 is the latest version of Android Studio presented officially in Google I/O, an annual Google tech conference. As it’s not new that there are millions of Android developers around the world and just like web design and development environment, Android also have many developers who don’t have any degree of IT field. They just have the passion for developing something amazing in emerging mobile OS that has more users than any other mobile operating system as it is open source licensed. Android have released many versions before its latest Nougat 7.0 while others included Marshmallow, Lollipop, KitKat, Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich, Honeycomb, Gingerbread, Froyo, Eclair, Donut, and Cupcake. Android Studio was initially released in beta version and based on IntelliJ IDEA of JetBrains. Android Studio wasn’t declared official IDE for Android Platform development but later on stable releases it is declared to be official IDE and support for Eclipse ADT Plugin support was ended. Android Studio is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Android Studio has the support of built-in emulator while also have the support for configuring other emulators even your own Android phone.

Before the release of the final version of android studio 2.2. They released the android studio 2.2 preview 1, preview 2,preview 3


Android 2.2 came with new features of nowadays successful compilers and IDEs as competition is rising and development environment is sensitive to shift to or adopt a new environment as its especially isn’t easy when you have a lot of experience of the previous environment. According to its new features of stable release that includes Gradle-based build support, ProGuard integration, Lint tools to catch performance and usability, Android-specific refactoring and support for Android Wearables apps and Template-based wizards to create common Android designs and components. Built-in support for Google cloud platform and a rich layout editor that allows users to drag and drop UI components are other main improvements in the stable release of Android Studio.

While Android 2.2 developed faster with features such as new and more enhanced Layout Editor that allows quick and intuitive development of UI of application. As UI in Android development could be developed both statically and dynamically. Static UI development is a combination of both XML and Java while dynamic UI development is purely in Java programming language. That’s why it is necessary for an Android developer to have little or more Java experience. The main improvement of design is Constraint Layout and Layout editor. As Constraint layout allows you to dynamically develop UI but the main thing is without messing with nesting of multiple layouts. As problems with new features of emerging platforms are their compatibility with existent or previous platform versions but this problem is somehow made better here as support for Android API level 9(that’s Ginger Bread) is added in Constraint Layout.


Development phase new features of Android 2.2 includes improved C++ support in which you can now use CMake or SDK-build to compile your C++ projects from Gradle. Samples Browser that is a part of Android Sample code is now even more effortless to develop are also part of the development phase. Build phase new improvements includes improvements in Instant Run, APK Analyzer and Build Cache(Experimental). Android Studio built-in Emulator is slow among many other third party emulators, especially for old PCs. Other successful emulators include Genymotion(free and paid), BlueStacks and LeapDroid. In the testing phase, Android Studio as discussed built-in emulator is now improved with virtual sensors. Espresso Test Recorder is added but in beta while GPU is another one but in beta version.

Android Studio 2.2 Summary:

  1. Android Studio is official IDE for Android app development and now it has many features like nowadays other successful platforms development tools.
  2. New stable version has Gradle-based build support, Lint tools, ProGuard integration and Android Wear apps support features.
  3. Android new features as per development phase include improved C++ support, Samples Browser while Design phase includes improved Layout editor and Constraint Layout.
  4. Build Phase improvements include Instant Run Improvements, APK Analyzer and Build cache(Experimental) while Test Phase improved Android Emulator with virtual sensors, Espresso Test Recorder(beta) and GPU Debugger(beta).
  5.  Built-in emulator of Android Studio, especially before Android 2.2, is nothing in front of the third-party Android Emulators like LeapDroid, Genymotion, and BlueStacks.

Android Studio 2.2 Technical details:

  1. Software Full Name: Windows: android-studio-ide-145.3276617
  2. Setup File Name: android-studio-ide-145.3276617-“OS”.fileformat
  3. Full Setup Size: 407 MB, 1.57 GB, 428 MB, 429MB
  4. Setup Type: Offline Installer file
  5. Architecture: 32 Bit (x86) / 64 Bit (x64)
  6. Android studio 2.2 release date for Download: 19 September, 2016
  7. License:  Free(Apache)
  8. Developers: Android Studio Homepage

Android Studio 2.2 System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10(32 & 64 bit)
  • Memory (RAM): 2 GB of RAM required minimum while recommended is huge as 8 GB.
  • Hard Disk Space: 2 GB minimum while 4 GB recommended.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core or later minimum.

Android Studio 2.2 Free Download offline Link:

You can Get the Android Studio 2.2 free download for windows 7,windows 8 from here. Just click on the download button and free download android studio for windows 7 32bit setup. You can also android studio download mirror from different sources.

Android Studio 2.2 Windows IDE

Download (407 MB)

Android Studio 2.2 Windows bundled with SDK

Download (1.57 GB)

Android Studio 2.2 Mac

Download (429 MB)

Android Studio 2.2 Linux

Download (428 MB)